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 Where she came from nobody knows, she just appeared in the parking lot
where I work sometime before 6am one morning. Since our building is on a major
highway and a long way from any residential area, we can only assume she was
dumped somehow, but why? Well, she smelled, her coat was a mess, heartworms,
hookworms, front pads scraped raw, and a chest full of callouses from laying on a
hard rough surface, plus she had given birth to at least one litter in her young life
(approx 1 1/2 -2 years) plus she weighed less than 50 lbs. But she had a sweetness about her you couldn't resist. Some of the women I work with had been watching her and feeding her during the day and called me down to look at her late in the day because they knew I have had Dobies over the years and they thought she was a Dobie mix. It didn't take long to fall in love with this adorable little Dobie. So, I ended up taking her home with me, giving her a good bath and a good meal. My daughter took her in to work and had her checked out (she works for a Vet) and of course I got the bad news about all the problems she had.

Without thinking twice, the go ahead was given to take care of all her problems.
She was just too sweet to give up on. She settled in here with no problem at all and
gets along great with all the other animals as you can see by the photos. She's started
the heartworm treatment so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she pulls through without any problems.

Abbeys doing fine, came through with flying colors, put on a few pounds and will be getting spayed soon. Her and my other Dobie get along just great. I just have to watch how I scold them cause if I raise my voice at all, Abbey cowers and runs for cover. Obviously she had to be very verbally abused.

No More!




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