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Kitty is our first cat. We didn't adopt her, she adopted us. About 10 years ago she showed up on our doorstep and has been with us ever since. A very mellow, laid back cat who just likes to hang out in the back yard or on the front porch. One thing she learned on her own is how to grab the screen door with her claws, pull the door out and then let go to where the screen door bangs loud enough to wake me up in the middle of the night if that's when she wants to come in or is hungry. While she does like to come in once in awhile, she generally just likes to lay out in the yard under the bushes or in the flower beds. She never did get along with Ramona, but she has no problem with my current dobie or the bulldog. Like Ralph, she seems to enjoy having her head and body sniffed whenever she comes in and greets the dogs.








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