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   Ralph came to us a few years ago. A scronny little guy looking for attention. I have no idea where he came from but he made himself at home here and with the other animals. He loves to climb, infact, just after he came to us he got stuck up on the roof (god knows how he got up there) and could not get down. He now loves to climb up into the attic in the garage (it's an open attic) and hang out during the day. Of
course if the garage door is open, he likes to lay up on the door, so we have to watch closing it in case he's up there. His next favorite place to hang out is in my computer room on the small couch I have in there. If I'm outside working in the yard, he likes to just come over and hang out by me, in fact, he's beginning to act like a little puppy dog wanting to follow me around. I guess it's a male bonding thing cause all the other animals except Simba are females and none of them want anything to do with him except Simba.






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