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Created this at home from 8-2am one night, last minute thing,
we needed it plotted (30x40) the next morning. Major amount of
work because of all the layering of the different images. 100% Photoshop



Copies of this are framed (16x20) & went to Michigan DOT as well as
our outer offices to put up on the walls. Magazine and article was scanned
the rest was done in Photoshop.



Another home creation, work better at home, no distractions.
These were also shipped to our offices for wall hanging.
(Photos are from various sources within our company,
some mine, some from others)




Unfinished graphic created for our CEI Group
(I shot all the photos)




This is 100% Mine!
I flew to Virginia to take all the photos of the work and I
created the entire thing in Photoshop. All our offices have
a copy of this on their walls.